Monday, June 13, 2011

Scenes From Kamiak

Sign that says Kamiak Butte County Park

Last evening, to enjoy to gorgeous June weather, Hubby and I took the kids out to Kamiak to hike the 1/2 mile trail, then to enjoy the playground for a bit. All of the kids had a ball running around in the woods, playing with sticks.

Although I have a bazillion pictures of Kamiak, I took the camera along because I knew the mellow, afternoon light would be perfect for shooting. I was right. I also played with the settings on the camera and the autofocus to attempt to capture kids in motion. I have not had a lot of success with this in the past, but I got a few good shots last night.

I like to capture candids and action, rather than having the kids pose, although Curly is always ready and willing for that! As a result, I have hundreds of photos on my hard drive of blurry little people running around. Thank goodness for digital photography!

Curly and Hubby also took a turn with the camera for a while, which means I got to be in a few shots, a rare occurrence. Curly loves photography, and I want to do more of it with her this year. I'd like to know more technical stuff to teach her, but maybe she can research techniques on her own as she gets older.

me, hubby and the boys climbing a wide trail

The boys sitting on a bench

the boys running up the trail ahead of us

Curly by a big rock

Hubby writing Mister's name in the dirt with a stick

Curly sitting on a fence looking out at the view

Hubby explaining tree rings to the kids

At the top

Curly in a tree

Hubby with the boys on a bench

view of our town from far away across the fields

This is our town, viewed from 20 miles or so across the wheat fields.

Little Mister going up a path

Bean on Daddy's shoulders

The boys playing with a tube slide

Little Mister going down a slide

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