Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plan B

Curly suggested that we go to the swimming pool yesterday afternoon, the first warm day after weeks of rain. We dug our swimsuits out of the bottoms of our drawers, and raided the storage room downstairs for the swim toys.

We got to the pool and discovered a hose hooked to the nearby fire hydrant running into the pool as it filled. The bored young man behind the counter told me that the pool wouldn't be open until Thursday.

I had to return to my car and two woeful faces to tell them we would not be swimming after all. Secretly, I felt a little relieved, but after seeing their disappointment, I decided I needed to come up with something equally cool. I suggested a trip up to the woods instead.

They agreed enthusiastically, and we set off. Forty minutes later, we were up at McCrosky, our favorite place off the beaten track. We built a campfire with wood that the previous campers had abandoned, and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. Curly took pictures. We all had a great time, which almost made up for the pool not being open.

Almost. Little Mister asked me approximately 47 times today which day the pool opened, as if maybe my answer would change if he asked hopefully enough. Personally, I preferred the woods, and I even got another article out of the experience, which will publish Tuesday. Flexibility is key.

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  1. I would have preferred the woods as well. And I could have told you when the pool would likely be open, since my kids are in public school. It directly corresponds with the school schedule, so considering that my kids last day is Wednesday, I'm not surprised it opens on Thursday. They just don't make enough money to even run the place if they don't wait for school to get out! Plus they have to do "Schools At The Pool" first! My kids' school is scheduled to go tomorrow afternoon! Pray for the weather to cooperate! They never got to go last year, because of rain, and the weather forecast for tomorrow isn't looking to promising either! And they're so excited!!! I don't know if I can deal with gloomy kids coming home from school on swim day two years in a row!!! My kids don't get to go to the pool any other time, because of our Camp Grizzly duties and also since Josh has to drop the second job there really isn't any money to go! Sometimes we go once for Chloe's birthday (August 29) or something, but otherwise we don't. They get to swim in Lake O'Connell instead, which in some ways is more fun!