Saturday, June 4, 2011

I've expanded!

No, not my waistline, although that may be in danger after the amazing steak dinner Hubby whipped up last night.

I'm talking about writing. For those of you who follow my blog (hi Grandma!) I'm now also writing for a real, honest-to-goodness online magazine.

It's called Natural Family Today, and I loved it when I first read some of the great articles, written by real people who are interested in healthy living, like I am.

When I considered writing for them, my first thought was, I wonder if I'm granola enough? What if I slip up and mention that I eat Doritos* or something?

I had this imaginary conversation in my head one night between me and an actual serious Earthmuffin(TM) while I was waiting to fall asleep:

Earthmuffin: Prove that you're worthy to write articles about natural living.

Me: Uhm.... I recycle. We have curbside, and it's pretty easy.

Earthmuffin: Not only do I recycle and eat only organic produce, but I take 2-second showers, and use soap made from wildflowers. I grow all my own food.

Me: Well, errr, I walk a lot. That saves energy, right?

Earthmuffin: My carbon footprint is the size of a postage stamp. I live in a yurt made from my own hair.

Me: You win.

When I applied, though, Vanessa, the editor-in-chief was so welcoming and encouraging, she put me at ease. I'm the Frugal Living editor, which means I get to write about all of obsessive stuff I do making nifties out of old junk, a trait I inherited from Grandma Doris, who still uses old margarine tubs from 1978.

In my head, I'm composing articles about thrift stores and jeans quilts, and buying in bulk. My family wonders why I absentmindedly put pinto beans in the oatmeal.

Wish me luck as I embark on a new adventure in my writing career. I'm quite excited!

*Not the real name. Junk food name has been changed to protect the guilty (me).

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  1. Ok, this is awesome! Can't wait to read more and you've inspired me to apply to write for NFT too! I was on the fence, cause.....I sometimes eat Doritos too. LOL