Monday, June 27, 2011


Lately, Little Mister has been full of plans and ideas of his own.

"Daddy, how about we bake cookies, and while they're cooking, we go downstairs and play Super Mario Galaxy?"

If you know my Hubby at all, combining cookies and Super Mario Galaxy makes about the best night he can have with the kids.

Of course, he had to sneak in a little reading practice, making Curly read the whole recipe off the computer screen. She thought she was pretty hot stuff, and did not mind the spotlight one bit.

I'm not sure what the purpose of posing with the baking powder can was. I wasn't there.

Art photography? Checking the beater for... bugs? Kaleidoscope?

What were the rest of us doing? Well, the Bean was getting into something that wasn't his, as usual.

I was sewing two new Lowly Worm toys to replace the one from my own childhood that was falling apart.

Yes, we're finally all just about healthy again. The Bean still has some unidentified toxic goo emanating from his nose, and Mister and I have a bad cough. But overall, our schedule has picked back up, and we're all really glad to be better and enjoying the summer weather!

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  1. I apologize if you don't get summer weather! I'm having it out with God and need some privacy, so I need to keep the windows and doors closed until He does something in this month and half, so I'm counting on Him to keep it cool so I don't fry to death in my trailer house before He has a chance. If He can't manage that than He really doesn't care that much for me, like I suspect!