Monday, May 16, 2011

Will we go in July or October?

Well, after three weeks of agonized waiting, we finally have some good news. It looks like Abi's paperwork will be able to be reprocessed correctly with no problems. Praise God!

It will take several weeks, however, which puts us very close to the time that the courts close for two months for the rainy season. Please pray that her paperwork is processed quickly and correctly the first time, and that we can get in for our court hearing before the courts close.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! God is good, and it is a relief to finally get some good news. We hope that it will be good news from here on out until we're able to bring our little girl home. We give all of the glory to God for leading us on this journey every step of the way, and continually reminding us that He is absolutely in control of this journey of faith. Whatever happens, or however long we have to wait, we trust that His timing will ultimately be perfect to bring this little girl into our family.


  1. Oh that is so exciting! You must be dreaming of the moment you can hug her and know it's finally settled.