Saturday, May 28, 2011

Parakeet Sadness

If you're looking for a happy shiny mom-blog where everything is perfect, you might want to read elsewhere. Sometimes life is not so happy and shiny.

We had two birds. Their names were Melody and Harmony.

Well, to be more accurate, Melody 2 and Harmony 2. This is Harmony 2. Melody 2 died this morning, and it was 100% my fault. I forgot to give them water. All week. I feel absolutely horrible. Granted, it was a busy, crazy week, but that's no excuse.

The really awful part is that I did this once before, five years ago. Maybe I should not keep parakeets. I must not be a very good parakeet mom.

I really am trying to forgive myself and not beat myself up over this, but the thought of causing suffering to a little creature who is dependent upon me for care makes me all broken up inside.

The kids want to go to the pet store and buy Melody 3. I'm not so sure.

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