Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Some days it seems like Abi is never going to come. I remember feeling this way with Bean, too. With no baby inside kicking you in the ribs, a "paper pregnancy" seems incredibly unreal, as if the idea is some kind of ongoing torture that will never become a reality.

Every so often, however, little things remind me that this is indeed real. Picking up clothes at a thrift store, I run across something cute in her size, and I go ahead and get it for her.

The other day, I got a bigger cast-iron pan.

I love cooking on cast iron! I had been using an antique pan my grandma gave to me years ago for camping, but it barely held a pound of ground beef with marinara sauce. Now that the older two Goombas are eating almost a full portion size, I needed a bigger pan. It also reminds me that we'll be advancing from five to six family members.

People ask me all the time how things are going. Well, right now, we're still on hold. I hope we have news soon.

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