Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Denim Jumpers And Other Necessities

Alternate title: Stuff Homeschoolers Like.

Yesterday, I scored a four-pound pack of ground beef on sale for almost half-price. I proudly emailed Hubby with the report this morning that I had cooked it all up into various meals, such as sloppy joes, brown gravy, and tacos. Then I happily popped them into the freezer, thinking of the ease of cooking dinners this week, unlike my usual last-minute scramble to find something edible.

His reply made me laugh aloud.

"Whoa! Got to brush up your homeschool-mom street cred with some cook-ahead action!"

My reply, with tongue firmly planted in cheek: "Look out! Denim jumpers coming next!"

He wrote back, "Wooo doogies! Better hit Jo-Anne's for some Denim. Stat! Once properly clad, we'll do a marathon session of history worksheets! (Or not)"

Once the denim jumpers are sewn and the history worksheets finished, The trampoline beckons every good homeschooled kid. We actually DO have one of these, thus improving further our homeschooling credibility.

If I could just get the Bean to do this, I'd be in business!

baby with reading glasses looking at a book


  1. I laughed out loud! Don't forget... if your going to get the jumper, you need socks and tennis shoes to go with it.

  2. LOL!! I actually have a friend who is everything you described and secretly I chuckle a little when we're together. She wears white socks and tennis shoes with her denim jumpers too. ;) I swear, not making that up. :D AWESOME gal btw, but very stereotypical homeschooler!!

  3. Funny. I like this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM6uqj0_jQc