Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Grandparent Christmas-after-Christmas

Since we spent the Christmas holidays with my family, Hubby's parents graciously drove the 4+ hours each way to visit us. In great St. Nicholas fashion they came bearing gifts, only more in time for Epiphany.

It was fun to see them. They told us all about the farm and Grandpa B had a blast playing with the kids while Hubby took his mom out for coffee.

I really appreciate the toys that Hubby's parents choose.  They always give us toys that have lasting play-ability.  They do their homework, find toys with good reviews that are good quality and often are classics, like this year they included art sets and a Lite Brite.  Can't go wrong there!  They will get hours and hours of use.

My mother-in-law and I discussed homeschooling and Suzuki violin since she has recently waded those waters herself.  Hubby and his dad hardly took time for breath, they had so much to talk about.

Thanks for coming to visit, Grandpa and Grandma!


  1. I love the art kit. Angela got a priness one with not so long lasting tools in them, plus she's old enough now she's not all that fond of princesses anymore. This one's a simple art kit with lots of supplies that everyone can enjoy! I've wanted to buy one for my kids for a long time!

  2. Aw, looks like a great family time!

    God Bless!