Monday, August 30, 2010


I love to work.

When I used to take those personality profiles, they told me I was an "accomplisher" whatever that means. I guess it means I get my jollies from checking things off a nice, tidy list. Helping someone get something done lights me up inside, particularly if they're nice enough to throw a thank-you my way.

Although Mommy-ing is a lot of work, a lot of raw, physical labor and ongoing drudgery, it doesn't quite satisfy my accomplisher side. Somehow the fact that when you cross something like laundry off your chore list, yet you know all along that it'll be right back on there staring you in the face the very next day takes some of the shine out of it.

So I've been racking up part-time and work-from-home jobs. I've now collected three, along with the Braille Transcriber Certification thingy, which I have nearly finished. All this is great as long as they take turns demanding time from my day. There are weeks like this one though, where they all descend on me at once and I feel like a circus performer, spinning plates, frantically dancing around the stage from one shaky pole to another to keep them all going.

I'll put together a web page and proof the content, stopping long enough to get my son a cheese stick and change the baby, hauling him off the stairs where he had climbed to precarious heights. When that is done, I'll answer an email from another coworker, shoot a second email off to a web client, dash into the bathroom to prevent the baby from flushing a toy car down the toilet, toss some clothes in the washer, proofread a flyer I needed to get done, check the calendar for the next time we play music at church, make a mental note to double proof my braille manuscript for the final certification test and get it sent off, as well as filling out some more adoption forms... then wonder why I have not been out in my new shop at all since I finished the wiring ten days ago. It hits me that the only homeschooling my children have done for days was to watch The Magic School Bus ten times, so I plan another trip to the Science Center.

By the end of the day when I have walked the dog in the ever-earlier darkness, I feel exhausted but euphoric. Being busy, talking to people, chatting online about task lists, keeping my kids healthy and happy and safe and learning... I love to work.

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