Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pics from the Backcountry

I received a few pictures from E&K with a promise to get the rest of them next Saturday when we see them.

Yours truly in front of a lovely pristine meadow. We didn't see much wildlife but the Idaho scenery left nothing to be desired.

Independence Creek along which our trail ran and crossed and crossed and crossed.

E&K resting after a hike.

My trusty hiking stick. You can also see our tent and the weeds growing directly in front of our tent. No picnic tables here! We were in a true backcountry meadow with nothing but the sound of the creek (and a few illegal motorcyclists!).

I had a great time, got 30+ bug bites and was truly refreshed to be out in God's creation and have some "me" time away from the kids.


  1. Well, that's nice. I much prefer me-time in an air conditioned shopping mall or coffee shop, preferably both, but whatever refreshes you. I like indoor toilets, that flush!

  2. Sweet deal! You got to do all that away from the kids? It must have been so ... so ... so quiet!

    (LoL my word verification is hairymine)