Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, this has been quite a week!

Tuesday, one of my best friends who has been on bed rest with a difficult pregnancy was life-flighted to the city hospital. She was bleeding and passing clots. She has a blood-clotting disorder and was on blood thinning shots.

They got her stabilized and she thought she was settling in to a long hospital stay until the baby was born, but Friday, right before an ultrasound, more bleeding, and was going into shock. They gave her blood (6 units total, throughout the evening) and did an emergency c-section.

The baby was 24 weeks, 1 day gestation. We all prayed for a miracle, and the doctors said there was almost no chance the baby would live.

The family had already decided not to resuscitate as they would not get to hold her and the odds of her surviving were so slim anyway. They prepared to say good bye.

In the hospital room, our friends and pastors gathered, taking turns holding baby Hope Louise, born at 1 lb, 7 oz. They kissed her and said goodbye. Her father filled out a death certificate.

Four hours later, she was still breathing. Six hours later the flabbergasted doctors had run some tests and said her blood pressure, oxygen levels and skin texture looked good for a 28-weeker, not a 24-weeker and could they have the dates wrong? Only her size and the fact that her eyes were shut indicated her true age.

The doctors have never seen anything like Baby Hope, who continues to show excellent organ function, breathing and so on. She is now being fed intravenously and given minimal NICU interventions as well as being monitored carefully.

All of us are praising and thanking God, not only for the miracle of letting us have Hope here with us instead of taking her, but also for the incredible way He did it and the clear, indisputable testimony. Her story is being shared all over the place and the hand of God is so very, very evident.

Please continue to pray for Amy (the mom) and Baby Hope. Amy is still receiving blood and platelets and is recovering from a difficult and emotional week and surgery.

You can read more of their story and updates here: A Time of Hope

It's so cool to witness this firsthand... I mean I read about these stories but I never thought I would see it with friends from our church fellowship group who are like family. We've ridden the roller coaster of hope and grief and hope again... God is SO amazing!!!!


  1. Praise God for the miracle of baby Hope! I'm all choked up reading about their story. They are all being prayed for.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am praying for Baby Hope! What a miracle. I was reading it to my husband and was choking up while reading it. Praise God for HUGE miracles!