Sunday, July 4, 2010


Saturday my sister held a yard sale. Apparently everyone in the family wanted in on the action because without planning it a fair-sized group of us gathered, bought Starbucks and sat around gabbing while people went through our stuff.

My Dad and my Uncle, who used to be a school Principal, sat out on the lawn, man-talking and I set Baby Bear on the grass to join them.

Dad: "He's pulling weeds."

Uncle Principal: "He's just eating the grass. Shouldn't hurt him."

Mom: "No, he's eating dirt. I can't believe you're letting him eat dirt. That is so gross."

Dad: "They tell me when I was a baby I ate so much dirt my diapers were muddy."

Mom: "Yuck."

Uncle Principal: "He is doing a pretty good job of weeding the flower bed."

Dad: "I used to eat dirt out of these front flowerbeds we had on the farm.... I bet the cats pooped in them."

Mom, Me, Sis: "Ewwwww!"

Dad, (laughing): "I'm surprised I didn't get sick."

Mom: "Look, now he's got a dirt-beard."

Me (rescuing the baby and wiping his face): "You never had boys, did you?"

Mom: "No."


  1. He is a darling baby, dirt and all.

  2. It is definitely a boy being a boy. Eric eats grass and everything else he can possibly find. I love the dirt beard though!