Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why my cat hid all day

Hi, this is me.

I didn't brush my hair today.

I know, it's not very bright to put a picture of yourself at the top of your blog post, but hey, I do things a leetle unconventionally at times. Just once in a while.

Oh yeah, we had my first ever yard sale today.  As in, I did not know what I was doing.  But I did it anyway!  I spent all week sorting through every possession that was stored in every closet in our house and putting most of it on my front lawn.

This is my daughter.

She was even more excited than I was to have a yard sale.  Until her toys started disappearing.  Then she realized the evil plot her Daddy had tricked her with.  He had gone on a plastic-purging rampage.  When her toy parking garage sold, I reassured her that the little boy who bought it would have loads of fun playing with it.  She gave me a teary, lopsided trying-to-be brave smile.  I just about went to Walmart in search of brightly colored plastic parking garages.

This is my son.  He wandered around, oblivious to the fact that the toys on the blanket were disappearing.  Happily collecting things in a old Easter Basket, he spent a pleasant morning disorganizing everything I set out.

This is a record of the amount of junk I put out.  I had several people ask me how it had fit in my house.  I have no answer.

This is my other son.

Because Daddy had the camera, the portraits of him included not only the fact that he would not hold still but was constantly crawling past the camera, but also the fact that it's fun to stick weird stuff on his head.

We sat.  They shopped. 

Most things were priced at $0.50.  And $0.10.

But we made $206.50.  And my mom and sister hung out and helped. I love yard sales!

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  1. Congrats on your sale. That's a pretty successful sale. Your location probably helped a lot.
    And doesn't it feel nice to get rid of so much stuff!