Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where have you been all week?

I mean really! You haven't blogged since Sunday, Erin!

Well, I'll tell you. If I can ever get it typed out. You see, back in school I never actually learned to type. Touch type anyway. Yes, I played with the Typing Tutor, but by the time I got to it, the two-finger hunt-and-peck was too well entrenched.

What does typing have to do with you not blogging for a week? It never seemed to slow you down before.

This week my laptop died. The fan on it went kaput. So I went and grudgingly spent money from our adoption savings to get a new one. I needed the memory anyway if I was going to keep PhotoShopping.

Does this story have a point?

Yes, bear with me. My new lappy, in addition to needing all of my software reinstalled, has a lovely wide 17" screen (good) and a black keyboard (bad). I did not realize this until I got it home, but I can't SEE a black keyboard unless the light is absolutely perfect, which it never is.

Long story short, I have been learning touch typing in a hurry.

Actually, blogging looks more like this: I roj to tyupe sonmething and have to hit the bvackspace key abourt 47,0900 times while cussing unfer my vbreath and sewearing I will never bolog again.

Oh. Why is that picture of your hubby on this post?

Because he's cute.

Thje End.


  1. I can't believe you never learned to type!!!!! Shocker! Never would have guessed that about you. Cute photo and comment at the end. :) I am quite confident that you will be happily clicking away at the keyboard without looking in no time at all, if you aren't already.