Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Science Center

The rainy spring weather has forced us to find indoor entertainment. One of our most exciting discoveries this year has been the local science center, which I did not know about until our homeschool co-op took us there on a field trip in April.

We loved it so much I splurged and got us season passes. Now whenever we're bored, an afternoon's trip to the science center is enough to cheer us up again. We spent all afternoon there today, in fact.

Baby Bear loves the large, well-fitted infant area. A fun rug, lots of bright toys and room to practice crawling had Baby Bear clapping his hands in delight today.

Little Mister, though open to trying new activities, still has his favorites.  The track he assembles with tunnels and bridges ranks high on the list.

In a corner of the center there sits a large tub of lentils in which are buried dinosaur bones to unearth.  Kids become archaeologists as they dig up the fossils in the tub.

Sometimes the model dinosaurs find their way into the lentil pit as well.  In this case, Curly Miss had been feeding the lentils to the dinosaurs and was proudly showing me that the poor T-Rex had been absolutely stuffed to the brim full of lentils.  Even a T-Rex is no match for the intrepid Curly.

Little Mister, in true boy fashion, did everything he could to spread lentils all over the science center.  When he found that they stuck to his hands, he busied himself brushing off his "dirty" hands into the tub that used to hold the model dinosaurs.  His vigorous shaking sent lentils flying in every direction.

About the middle of the afternoon as the older kids settled down to quieter play involving math shapes, Baby Bear tuckered out.  When even a bottle didn't pacify him, I held him in my arms until he fell asleep, then set him in one of the nearby chairs for a snooze. At that point we had the center to ourselves, which was a nice change.

Curly and Mister roamed the center, enjoying the brainteaser puzzles, reading books and investigating the cages of birds, turtles, snakes and rodents in the zoo area.  We've been to the science center five times now and have not seen all there is to see or tried all the activities.  I have a feeling that many more rainy days will see us heading to the science center where playful, hands-on, investigative learning fills an entire homeschool day with fun.

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