Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Ideal Day

This morning the Goombas played quietly downstairs and I snatched a few extra precious winks while Baby Bear napped. When I got up, they still played in the basement; the house was quiet and I had time to use the potty before someone discovered I was awake and began making requests.

I got the kids an easy lunch of freezer waffles and cheese sticks. They loved it and ate without complaining (rare) then they started a game in which they built a large, complicated Thomas the Train set and videotaped their own made-up train stories with my digital camera.

Baby Bear went down for his afternoon nap with a minimum of fuss and Hubby used his lunch hour to bring me fresh, delicious sushi from the shop downtown as a treat.

Finally, too, we received some reimbursements from four different people who owed us money. I keep the credit card paid off but it was piling up and this morning I paid it off. That felt great!

What did I do to deserve such peace and tranquility today? How do I bottle whatever magic formula happened today and dispense it to my family in measured portions for the next few years?

After weeks of colds, stomach flu, back pain, migraines, fighting kids, cranky baby, tired hubby and never-ending chores, it feels so nice to have a good day!

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