Friday, June 11, 2010

Math Jokes

As Curly practices adding and subtracting, some of the math sentences tickle her fancy. The fact that zero leaves a number unchanged makes her laugh and she always rolls her eyes when I ask her to solve an equation with zero in it.

The other day I found this equation on the fridge. If one zero is funny, why not two? Possibly it was Little Mister who was the culprit. He listens to our math sessions and often tells me he is going to do a "little fridge math too."

The zero jokes have expanded during the past week. When I see equations like this one, I know that the kids have been absorbing not only the rote learning of addition and subtraction, but the more important function of numbers. If math is a language, then the ability to use humor shows the greatest understanding and use of the language. My children are well on their way to math fluency.

Edited to Add: I am informed that the jokes I photographed are indeed Little Mister's work, not Curly's. Although I hate to brag, they are pretty impressive for a three-year-old, in my admittedly biased opinion.

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  1. Hey, I agree. Pretty impressive for a three year old!