Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Island of Sodor

This week, with Curly Miss at VBS in the mornings, life has seemed a little strange. We come home and the house sounds eerily quiet. (Please ignore the fact that the bed is not made and my son is in pajamas. Or point at them and laugh your head off, I don't care. I decided that playing trains with my son was a better use of my limited time and energy and I'm totally happy with it!)

Little Mister picked up the stomach bug that was floating around, so yesterday he was on the couch with a barf bowl. (Picture omitted. You can thank me now.)

On the days when he is healthy, he needs to find something to occupy him. Since his sister generally fills that role, he has looked to me for entertainment while she is gone.

So this morning we built the Island of Sodor in his bedroom. We created the standard landmarks like Tidmouth Sheds and the water tower, but Mister added his own features like the Lincoln Log House and the "Old Iron Bridge" which is actually the "Shaky Bridge Made Of Tracks Stacked Precariously On Wooden Blocks."

The kids' bedroom received a renovation yesterday. Since Hubby and I both had colds, we figured it was the perfect time, not to rest and sip chicken soup like normal people, no, we'd rearrange the bedrooms. I guess it's how we roll. If we're miserable we'll pick an activity that makes us MORE miserable.

Now Curly and Mister share a bedroom, while Baby Bear sleeps in the other upstairs room, not in our room. It's looking to be a good change.

Curly, far from resenting having her bedroom turned into the Island of Sodor, has instead spent the afternoon playing trains with Mister. I think he really likes having her back, and to be honest, so do I.

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