Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Flip Side

All week I have adjusting to my new computer, learning over again how to type and reinstalling all of the software I use on a weekly basis. I had no idea there was so much!

Meanwhile our normal life still goes on. The kids still do things like homeschool and I still take pictures of them. Today I got a whole week's worth of pictures loaded onto the new computer off my camera.

I tried out the new PhotoShop CS5 to see if I want to get it.  Although it was a quick run-through with photos, sharpening, adjusting color and resizing, it is pretty nice.  I think I would likey....  :)

Oh, yeah, this story is supposed to be about the kids.  As seen above, Baby Bear loves to sit with the big kids at the table.  See those Puffs?  Roughly 83.5% of them land on the floor, much to the cats' delight.

Little Mister felt pretty proud of himself for finishing a big puzzle.  Never mind that he whined and fussed and made us help him do half of it.

Ok, that's just cute.  I know all moms think their kids are the cutest things on the planet.  It's our job to think that, even when they are covered with mud, blood, vomit or Oreo Cookies.  It's the way we're wired.

A new bookshelf was added this week to the kids' play room.  Little Mister (in jammies as usual) shows it off for the camera.

With Curly Miss, you never know where or how you will find her.  It's not unusual to find her completely upside down somewhere.  Being normal is not really her style.

Speaking of normal, it is fairly normal to find Puffs stuck in random places. Once moistened, Puffs have enormous sticking ability. I should put them in my craft supplies.

So there's our week. A week of rain and headache and a new computer, but also a week of toys and books and Puffs and sitting up, of listening to Bullfrogs and Butterflies on tape and doing school books and going to the Science Center. A week of being together and enjoying one another. And learning to type.

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  1. My computer died. I'm at the library. My computer's hopefully going to be fixed next week. I am so behind.