Monday, June 28, 2010


Any parent who has watched repeated episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine knows that the dramatic pull of the stories often includes the train characters plunging from Broken Bridges into the Swamps Below. Why these grisly details make it into children's films and become the action-packed highlight of the story, I cannot fathom, but my children never fail to be absolutely awe-stricken at the suspense and danger of a train approaching a Broken Bridge.

The other night, the kids talked Hubby into playing trains with them. They had just seen Toy Story 3 and Little Mister in particular, had been impressed with the bombed-out bridge in the opening scenes of that film. I think he would have left the theater completely satisfied with just that opening five minutes of movie since it had a Broken Bridge with a train falling away into oblivion.

Hubby, in a patient evening of engineering skill, replicated the Broken Bridge with an accuracy and precision found only in guitar-playing computer programmers. Correct to the last wooden block, he then allowed his small son to bomb it, causing no end of delight confusion and delay.

Curly Miss helped out the whole process by offering continuous advice, instruction and running commentary. The fact that she has never, ever built such a bridge or even seen one in real life has no bearing whatsoever on her ability to administrate the building of one in her bedroom.

This guy offered moral support while chewing on a building. I'm sure his inner male reveled in the destruction of said bridge with all of the thrill of boys through the ages who build bridges just to knock them down.

And now, I present the Destruction of the Broken Bridge, starring Little Mister. Voiceovers by Daddy and Curly. Directed by Daddy. Filmography by Daddy. ShakyCam courtesy of Daddy. Upload to YouTube by Mommy. Please remember us when it comes time for Oscar Nominations. Thanks.


  1. How fun! That was a very hilarious post, and touching, too! This is the real-life stuff that makes memories!

    Glad you all saw Toy Story 3. We spent our..oh..about 1 x every year and a half at the movies with the kids seeing Shrek. It had a good was a little dark in the beginning, so Abigail cried a few times-she's the ultra sensitive tender hearted one.

    Overall, less bodily noises and such, but we probably should have seen Toy Story!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Super fun! Thanks for sharing the train crash and bridge crumbling disaster on video.