Thursday, May 13, 2010


After looking at a couple of shelters and reading numerous ads, we brought this guy home on a trial basis.  We have a week to decide whether he'll work with our family.

So far it looks promising that he will. He walks well, he's gentle with the kids, he hasn't jumped the fence, he rode nicely in the car. He has not messed in the house. Fred did not have any of those positive qualities, nor was he at all eager to please whereas this dog seems extremely willing to please. The slightest "no" and he'll immediately stop what he's doing.

He enjoyed chasing the cats, to their yowling dismay. He also got out our stock of empty milk and juice jugs from the recycle bin and spread them around the yard, worrying them and chewing on them. Since we have an abundance, I didn't mind.

If we keep him, we'll name him Shadow.


  1. He's cute! How old? I would suggest getting a Kong for him to chew(peanut butter inside helps keep them occupied). When Padme was a puppy, we put her in a crate when we left the house for periods of time. That saved a lot of damage when she was in the chewing stage. She eventually outgrew the stage and was fine to leave her in the house without crating her.
    Good luck! Labs are great!

  2. He's a year and still in the chewing stage. I have heard of the kong/peanut butter... good idea! I don't have a big crate since I just gave Shannon's back to her but I plan to shut him on the back porch at night or when we're gone. It's fairly indestructible.

  3. How sweet! I hope he works out great for your family!


  4. Yay! I love the name Shadow. I'm happy that you are giving him a try. No second guessing yourself that way. You will know for sure if this is the right dog for your family.

  5. No way ... LOL! We must be sharing a brain. Go look at my blog:

    Congrats on your new pup :-)

  6. Stayed quiet all night on the back porch: Check!

    Doesn't mess in the house: uhhh....