Friday, May 14, 2010


What I've been taking

This is also called "I wish I was in bed in a dark, quiet room." Migraines are of the devil. But life goes on and so do I.

What I've been watching

With my incredibly heightened ability to concentrate (see previous picture), this DVD was a rousing success, both with me and with my five-year-old. I guarantee a few reruns in the near future.

What I've been buying

This cost twice as much as the dog. But I have every intention of doing things right this time around.

What he's been doing

Cleaning peanut butter out of the Kong. Then drinking copious amounts of water and slobbering it all over the floor. Then coming to me and loving me in a very moist way.

Nice doggy.


  1. That is so cute. I've been watching "clicker training" videos on youtube and feeding p.butter out of a binkie shaped kong LOL. I'm happy to report out new babe isn't much of a licky kisser. What luck.

    I guess you're keeping him huh?

  2. So sorry about the migraine! You and I have that in common, as well..yipee! LOL! I hope you are long past that now, with the next one to take a LONG hiatus!

    The pup is cute...glad you are getting him figured out.