Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hubby's dad and brother own a plane. And a pilot's license. Today they had an itch to fly somewhere and we happened to be likely candidates.

So they flew up to see us.

We went to church together then hung out in the sunshine.

Hubby and I worked on the weedy front flowerbed while his dad gave us advice on the dead grass around the tree.

Hubby's brother chatted and tried to avoid being kidnapped by Little Mister who decided he was a perfect candidate for building Lincoln log houses.

We convinced Little Mister that sidewalk chalk was a perfectly acceptable alternative.  Yes, his pants are falling off.  Yes, he has a diaper on even though he is potty trained.  We're having an issue with the laxative prescribed to him by his pediatrician to combat the constant constipation.  He's definitely not constipated lately.  Poor kid.

They stayed for the afternoon then flew back home, hopefully arriving before the weather turned.  A nice, unexpected visit.