Tuesday, May 11, 2010

News on the Baby Bear Front

I forgot to post this back on THE DAY. This is seven months, taken on 4/29/10. It's getting harder to get him to stay there long enough to take a picture. He rolls and scoots all over the place. Yesterday he wound up by the fireplace tools and got all covered with soot before I found him. Time to babyproof again!

Miss A had her graduation ceremony last week. She's officially gradjamacated as Hubby calls it. We're so proud of her and I know Baby Bear will be too someday. You can sure see where Baby Bear's darling smile came from.

I'll leave you with a smile and a happy little giggle!

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  1. Congratulations to Miss A! I understand about not being able to get Baby Bear to hold still for a picture. I know as soon as Jayden was able to crawl, it was extremely difficult to get him to sit still for a picture. Still is today! ;)