Thursday, May 13, 2010

How To Annoy A Mother

Son (over breakfast): Mommy, I'm full. I don't want to eat the rest.

Mother (in the interest of being sweet, kind, fair and understanding): Okay, eat two more bites and you can be done.

Fast forward FIVE minutes.

Son: Mommy, I'm hungry.

Mommy: Where's the nearest loony bin? (aloud) Well, guess what? Your breakfast is still on the table. Eat up!

This happens on a multiple-daily basis.

1 comment:

  1. Tee hee...yeah...

    I think "I'm not hungry" translates to, "I'm bored/indifferent/unhappy with what you gave me to eat. Please place something I prefer in front of my face".

    We deal with this occasionally, but mostly the older 4 are old enough now to get that what they see and have in front of them (after all my prep work to prepare it for them) is their only shot till' next meal or my designated snack time...since cleaning up breakfast usually takes nearly till' lunch, and lunch till' dinner, etc.

    Kitchen's closed little folks! Annoying, indeed!