Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrating Milestones

One drawback to the type of schooling we do is the lack of any sort of milestone, closure or measurable accomplishment. We know we're making progress, but we don't get very many celebrations of it.

I decided to arbitrarily create one this week. Curly has been slowly working through a Wal-Mart reading workbook for the past 18 months. It started out way beyond her level and suddenly she caught up to it and the last few pages have been fairly easy. As she finished it I made a big deal out of filling out the certificate and hanging it on the fridge.

Her reward? We're going to the store to pick out another workbook. Such is the joy of learning!

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  1. My kids are in a regular school and I like to buy workbooks from the store, cause Chloe likes to do the extra work. I bought a few to help her out this summer. She was supposed to go to summer school, but because we're going to camp for the summer they're just going to put me together some stuff for me to work with her with and I decided to buy some of my own stuff as well. After all, knowing Chloe she might get bored with the usual stuff.