Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Bear And The Dog

Baby Bear loves the dog. When he sees the dog, he wriggles and laughs, trying to touch him. Unfortunately his skin appears not to love the dog so much.

Since he was born we have battled red, dry, scaly rashy skin. It's been WAY worse this week. It is the dog? Is it the heat? Is it the short sleeved shirts that allow his little fingers to scratch? Is it the milk formula we returned to after a failed two-week Nutramigen test?

We need ANSWERS!!! It's about time to seek help from a specialist. Baby Bear is so itchy and uncomfortable, it breaks my heart. So far the pediatricians have not had answers.

We're not sure it's the dog. Plus we all adore the dog. I have a feeling the dog will stay unless it's absolutely confirmed without a doubt that he is the allergen.

For now, please shoot a few prayers our way as we navigate the treacherous waters of insurance, referrals and finding a good specialist, whether an allergist or a dermatologist I am not sure.


  1. I'll be praying. I hope that it isn't the dog. There is a great allergist from Spokane that comes down to Pullman... I think his name is Dr. Kerneman. He was awesome.

  2. We did both the allergist and the dermatologist and still don't have any answers for Chloe. We just put tons of prescription skin creams on her to keep her comfortable. I will pray that you don't have to do that.

  3. Aw, not fun for little boy. I pray you do find some answers.

    I have no idea if it's the same thing, but my girls both have eczema. There has never been a cause identified, other than genetics-and Jeff has some weird form he battles on his hands..

    For the girls, it is mostly this dry, slightly itchy, slightly red thing in small patches during the winter. Then, when it gets warm, they go outside, and the first couple weeks of warm weather/sun, it PEAKS (mostly with my youngest daughter) and gets VERY red, really itchy, and kind of gets little crusts/papules.

    It happens every year! Once that happens-it's like the sun and warmth induces it, then it goes almost completely away until the less aggressive dry stuff of winter....

    So, that's our story. I can relate, LOL! I use hydrocortisone for flares, and lots of aveeno and oatmeal baths during the warm weather peak. I haven't looked into Rx's, but certainly would if it was a real problem and longer-lasting. The good thing is that Will also had it in a milder form, and he's completely grown out of it!

    Best wishes with little man's rashy.