Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Showers


They say that April Showers bring May Flowers. I'd like to note that they also bring chilly, drafty, damp, gray days. It's days like these in the spring that make me so grateful to have a fireplace in my living room.


One particularly chilly day this past week, I ducked and dodged my way out to the wood pile, scooped up several slimy, muddy logs and hauled them back into the house.


Then I collected all of the paper garbage we'd sorted out of our recycling all week: all the empty cereal boxes and the junk mail, the crumpled paper towels and the discarded Reader's Digests.


I stacked my loads of paper and my wet logs. Then I prayed. I absolutely love building fires; it's a good thing I never turned to a life of crime because I would be an arsonist. But wet logs and no kindling are hard to light. Even for an arsonist.


Luckily, all the cereal boxes worked. I think there may have been a pizza box in there too. Yes, I am pretty sure there was a pizza box. Those make good firestarter. If you ever meet a real arsonist, make sure you keep her away from Pizza Hut.


The pizza box dried out the logs and the logs dried out my shirt which had pretty much taken a mudbath while getting the logs.


While the two older Goombas slept, the little Goomba and I enjoyed a cheerful blaze and warm floor, keeping the April Showers away.

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