Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's Hubby?

Working a 10-hour-per-week job has its perks. One perk is that I don't actually make enough money to consider it useful in the family budget. So I get to have a little play money. And I get to share a little play money with Hubby whose paycheck actually comprises the entire family budget.


Tonight the man is up in Spokane hanging out in the city, going to a concert and whatever coffee shops and bakeries strike his fancy. He'll stay in a hotel, be pampered by their in-house breakfast and have 24-hours without chores, meetings, computer code or diapers.


Call it a personal day. Call it a mental health day. I call it well-deserved. Hope it's a lot of fun!


  1. Thanks! It was a blast. (Yes readers, it's true. I don't ever see her. I only reply to blog posts. Just kidding.)

  2. Great, now my hubby thinks he needs a mancation.
    JK, well, not really! Glad Matt had a good time.