Monday, April 19, 2010

Ultralight Family Packing

DSC01887Traveling with kids intimidates me. Whenever we traveled in the past, we always packed extras of everything, including the kitchen sink. Everyone had a suitcase along with bags and coats and pillows and toys and books...

That is changing. Between my discovery of ultralight backpacking and the necessity of wrangling more children, I have decided to amend my ways and create:

Ultralight Family Packing

No longer do we take everything including the kitchen sink. We simply can't. We're going to Portland for a week on the train in May and there is no way we can wrangle three kids and five suitcases. Nor do I want to try.

So this last weekend was a test. We traveled to CdA for an overnight trip and took only one small suitcase and a backpack. For the entire family, baby included. We pared down our list of items to absolute necessities. We did not take pillows. The kids took one toy each. We brought just enough diapers to get by. I did not pack extra socks.

And you know what? We had a fantastic time! The kids didn't get bored once. We swam and ate delicious food and watched the hotel TV. We explored and visited friends. We attended church in jeans and nobody minded. We slept well.

Now I'm excited to visit Portland and not be loaded down with excessive junk. We'll pack the bare minimum again. Who knows, we may not even take a stroller. We used the soft babypack all weekend anyway.

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