Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Multiracial Family


Last week when I got the dollhouse for the kids, I really wanted to get it locally. We have a lovely toy shop downtown that carries quality toys and I'd hate to see it ever shut down. So I got the house there even though I could have found it cheaper online. Along with the house, I got a Plan Toys Family. It fit the traditional white family with Dad-Mom-Son-Daughter.


Our family, however is becoming less and less traditional. Rather than waiting for Little Sister Bear to come, I went ahead and ordered two more kids. The closest I could find were the Ryan's Room "Friends and Family" dolls, but they work just fine.


Now, when Baby Bear gets big enough to play and when Little Sister comes, the kids will all have a "me" doll. Until then, whoever plays with the dollhouse will have a choice of friends.


  1. What a great idea! I never thought of buying dolls that actually represent each member in our family. Gosh, I suppose I'd have had to keep going out and tracking down more and more dolls over the years come to think of it, the number of children we've had LOL. I just love wooden toys. They're forever :)