Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making Tiny Things

Since I was a child myself, I have loved miniatures.  I loved to play with minuscule toys and create tiny doll houses or invent microscopic worlds.  I used to pretend that little people lived in my back yard, among the giant blades of grass.


Now my children have attained the age where they want to play with little things too.  When a new wooden dollhouse entered our family this week, they needed not just dolls and furniture but details!  So I got out the play dough and went to work, making toast with butter, toast with jam, glasses of milk...


...a jar of peanut butter...


...chicken nuggets and forks and corn.


It all went carefully into the play kitchen where the dolls will have healthy meals to eat.


Although the house had four dolls, a Dad, Mom and two kids, there was no baby.  So I went to work again, making a little tiny baby doll wrapped in a warm blanket.


Conveniently he was put to bed in his crib and unlike the real thing never cried or fussed again.  Sweet is the imagination.


To my amusement, the kids set up a Homeschool table and a computer for their dolls.  Curly, with an insatiable thirst for drama, made her doll climb up on the roof, fall off and get hurt, then rush to the hospital.  I cringed.


Thankfully, Little Mister's play revolved around going to the swimming pool and blowing bubbles. Imaginative play can be very revealing when it comes to personality observation.

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