Thursday, April 1, 2010

Five Year Olds and Musical Terms

Overheard last night during violin practice time:

Hubby: Do you remember what this is?

Curly: It's a... uhm.... uhm.... it's called a....

Hubby: It's called a "fermata"

Curly: Oh yeah, a fermata.

Hubby: Do you know what you do when you see one?

Curly: Do you play faster?

Hubby: No way!

Curly: Oh, you slow down.

Hubby: If there is a director, what do you do?

Curly: Oh, THEN you play faster!

Hubby: Noooo, you do what?

Curly: Play really fast?

Hubby: No, you watch...

Curly: Oh! You watch the director and hold the note really, really long.

Hubby: Yeah, something like that.

Curly: It's sort of like a decrestation.

Hubby: You mean a decrescendo?

Curly: yep.

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