Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Now that warm and sunny weather fills my back yard, I love to send the kids out there to play. At age 5 and 3, they no longer need constant supervision, but my house doesn't have very many windows that look south into the back yard.


For a while I sent them out there then went to the window in the bathroom every ten minutes, checking to make sure no one had disappeared or was bleeding.


Call me paranoid, but I needed to make sure they stayed safe or my Mommy-radar would go into overdrive.


After a few anxious weeks, I devised a solution. With extension cords and our baby monitor, I have electronic auditory surveillance of the back yard. I sit calmly in my living room feeding the baby or doing chores and listen to their playful chatter.


Since they forget I can hear them, it often becomes a bit comical to listen in on their conversations. Still, I think it makes them feel secure to know that Mom is only a shout away.


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