Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Confessions

Yesterday I had a meltdown. I have been all week trying to get ready for the insanity that was coming up on me this weekend and I was not even close to ready. When Hubby cheerily announced yesterday afternoon that he needed time to work on homework for his "fun" class and would I watch the kids? I lost my cool. I threw an angry, tight-lipped fit and stalked off to my room. Then I came out and made a long list of all the stuff I needed to do in order to make today actually happen and ranted and raved at him.

He meekly took the kids up and helped them clean their rooms.

I felt awful.

But I did have time to make the song slides for church and the sermon slides, practice my alto part for the choir, repack the diaper bag, assemble a bag of snacks for the kids, find all the parts to three Easter outfits, shave my legs, and fill the coffee maker in anticipation of a 6:30 AM wake-up call.

It paid off.

I hope Hubby forgave me for the fit because we made it through a 7:30-12:30 church morning including a rehearsal and two services. I admit it was too much. I don't plan to sign up to do choir and slides on the same day ever again. But we made it. The kids did not even have any tears, due to the carefully planned snacks and the fact that they got to go to Sunday School twice.

Our choir sang "Christ the Lord Has Risen Today" and "Joyful, Joyful." Despite having no tenors, they sounded great and I'm terribly proud of them and proud that I taught them to sing their parts. It made the service extra special to have two choir pieces which I love.

After church we treated ourselves to the Broiler's Easter Brunch. Held annually at the University Inn, the brunch is full of gourmet food like blintzes, crepes, roast beef, a big salad bar and a chocolate fountain. We had a ball eating all the fun food while Baby Bear showed off his angelic side by taking a nap.

When we got home, the kids opened presents from Mama (my mom) and then we all crashed! Even Hubby and I got a nap, which we really, really needed.

Happy Easter from your ashamedly-fit-throwing blogging friend. :)

P.S. Lent is finally over and I spent a happy TWO HOURS on Facebook and forums this evening. Life is good.

P.S.S. Before you feel too sorry for my Hubby, bear in mind that he did get a day off the other day to just hang out in a coffee shop all day, he WILL get his homework done before Monday AND Baby Bear has been sleeping through the night all week. I know my brand of humor makes him sound like a martyr, but really I do watch the kids occasionally.

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  1. Believe me. I understand. I seem to have absolutely no control over my emotions. I suppose we will never be able to figure out where my issues come from. Josh was watching a show the other day that talked about a brain injury that ruined the man's conscience part of the brain (really scary) and looking at the scar on my forehead wondered if maybe when that mule kicked me in the head as a small child that I had some sort of brain injury that was undetected at the time. Who knows. A brain scan would be very expensive!