Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Fun Field Trips

Our Homeschool group got together today for learning and fun, first at the Artisan bakery where we each got to bake a fresh baguette, then to campus where we sat in on a Matinee of Dancers, Drummers and Dreamers.  In between, some of us had some PE at a local Rec center and lunch at our house!  Squeezing four moms and eleven kids into our little house was tight but we managed it, fixing PB&J for everyone.

Curly and I had a blast with the social time while Little Mister did his best to keep up with all the older kids.  Teetering on the edge between baby and big kid, he tried hard to play with everyone, but had to come to Mom for a cuddle now and then.  Curly, on the other hand, pretty much disappeared into the crowd of kids and I hardly saw her except when she got in trouble for climbing on the bleachers at the Rec Center.  Typical.  She had such a fun day and I was in seventh heaven, having adults to talk to and having someone else hold Baby Bear for a while.

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