Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Last week we took both kids to the eye doctor for checkups. Since we're homeschooling and they won't get the eye exam the schools provide, I wanted to make sure their eyes were healthy and working right!

The doctor took one look at my own Coke-bottle glasses and my daughter's early reading skill and immediately began talking preventative measures. I nodded; my Dad has been telling me for years that if the doctors had handled my own glasses differently as a kid I would not have the eye problems I do now. He prescribed reading glasses for her and handed me a brochure on "learning lenses".

Little Mister was next and I actually had some concerns about his vision. His timidity on stairs and his intense photophobia (light sensitivity) had me a little worried that he might be seeing double or have other vision issues.

To my relief he was only farsighted, more than the common toddler vision development. Apparently he uses both eyes together, has good color vision and his retinas are healthy. Whew! So he got glasses too. Both kids had prisms, meaning we couldn't get the cheap online lenses so it was a pretty penny by the time both pairs were ordered and we added the Transitions lenses in Mister's glasses to give him some light protection.

But if the glasses prevent later eye problems, make reading more comfortable and help Mister to be more confident moving around his world, it will be totally worth it! Now my children, like me, have Spec-taculars, my own "punny" word for them.

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  1. They both look cute! Are they good at keeping their glasses on? I really need to get my kids into the eye doctor. I have a suspicion that at least one of them might have inherited my bad eyesight.