Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper Pregnancy

Last week we dove into the water by sending in our adoption application. To our surprise they contacted us right away upon receiving it, sending out reference letters to many of our friends to fill out. Unused to such prompt service, we look forward to the next step (the hardest one for me) the homestudy. A homestudy in adoption is like morning sickness in a pregnancy: difficult to get through but a necessary step.

In other, Baby Bear-related adoption news, we're set to finalize in a couple of weeks. I'm beyond excited, which makes it hard to wait. I think Hubby's excited too, especially because he will be able to stop fighting with the IRS and the Medical Insurance regarding Baby Bear's lack of a Social Security Number. We had a good inside tip from friends who adopted on navigating the tricky waters of getting a SSN for an adopted baby, which apparently they make as difficult as humanly possible to do. So, Hubby will be able to do our taxes, the insurance will stop sending us letters and we will apply for that magic number for Baby Bear to enable him to forever be linked to the bloated bureaucracy. Fantastic!


  1. Paper Pregnancy! That's a really interesting way of putting it. Congratulations on your paperwork. Can't wait to see how "filled out" you're getting *tee*hee*

  2. Since I'm not on FB right now - and don't have an e-mail address for you...

    Don't know if you've ever seen this blog:

    I just happened across it one day but find it great. And I believe that she is from Idaho. (Probably southern Idaho - but Idaho!) Hope that you enjoy.