Monday, March 1, 2010

Five Months!

Since there is not a 29th day of February to mark Baby Bear's five month birthday, I took a picture last night. He is doing great and growing like a bad weed, as my mother likes to say. Still on the tail end of a cold, his nose is stuffy but other than that he is happy and healthy, eats well and sleeps well. He's a great baby and we're thrilled with him.

For comparison in sizes with the other "month" photos, click the "milestones" tag below and you should be able to see all of them on one page.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh he's just too cute...he's always smiling and happy! I love that! What a blessing he is to your family, I am sure. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm so glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. I have heard this year's viruses are truly fanny kicking, and stick around for some time! So glad you are all on the mend. Hope to talk with you soon!

    God Bless!