Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have been so busy this week! I realized I have only blogged once or twice the whole week. I thought that cutting back on my computer use for Lent would result in more time and instead I have acquired several new clients and my time has gotten munched. Not that I'm complaining. I love doing web sites. I just started one for a business here in town: Absolute Refrigeration. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming together and I think the owner will be too. A couple of weeks ago I finished Hewitt Home Design and I'm still working on one for First Baptist Church (on a test site at this point).

Those were on top of my usual work for my boss, taking care of kiddos, planning the music for an Easter Choir at church, helping organize a baby shower for a friend, doing adoption paperwork and teaching at homeschool co-op. Whew!

I also got a new phone. Mine finally kicked the bucket: not surprising since I tend to cling to my phones for years longer than they are intended to work. The new one has a full miniature keyboard and a nice big screen. I actually chose it because the buttons were the easiest to feel out of all the available phones. Accessibility again. I wonder if phone manufacturers realize how many people choose based on such a trivial feature.

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