Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I turn 33 today! Tonight: peach pie with friends.

This week has been going so much better than the last few weeks. The kids are healthy again and I at last have shed the nasty migraine I had last week. It was a weird one: as long as I kept the light low it did not hurt so badly so I spent the week in sunglasses and not seeing much. I'm glad to be back in sunlight-land again.


  1. Happy birthday to you! Mmmm...peach pie! Love it! I'm so sorry you had a migraine last week. I can relate, and I'm glad you are back in the land of the sunlight!

    I hope you have a fantastic celebration! Oh, and we are only a few months apart in age. :)

    God Bless!

  2. I'm glad you're having a good week! I had a migraine last week, too! But now my husband has a stomach bug, yuck!

  3. Happy birthday! You have the same birthday as my sister :D

  4. Happy birthday! I saw it on Facebook and didn't say anything because I knew you were fasting from Facebook. ;) I did send you an IM!

  5. Happy Birthday mama! Wow, you're only about six months older than I am AND we share a first name... quirkier things have happened I guess :-P (I only know one other Erin on the planet. No, that's a lie, I know two, one is 20 years my junior though). Ok, I'm going to go get a life now, LOL. Happy birthday!