Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where Has This Week Gone?

Well, we've had a rough week. The flu bug that's been going around town hit our house too, meaning the boys have been coughing and stuffy and not sleeping for days. Hubby and I are going around with woeful countenances (name that musical) and looking forward to brighter days.

While playing with Daddy and the kids, Baby Bear's true nature was revealed. Either insect or alien, it doesn't matter. (We did NOT shoot the baby with nerf suction thingies. Hubby put them there, where they shortly fell off.)

Baby Bear, while he doesn't much sleep at night falls asleep in the strangest places throughout the day. Here Hubby and I were watching Survivor online and Baby Bear fell asleep as shown leaning over Hubby's arm.

Little Mister gleefully pointed out the rainbow on Daddy's computer.  Although he's been sick all week, it hasn't slowed him down much, except for waking up several times a night with coughing and a stuffy nose.

Baby Bear, before the cold took over his week, tried sweet potatoes for the first time.  He highly approved!!!

After contracting his cold, he generally fussed and sneezed disgusting things out of his nose.  By now on Saturday he is just about back to his cheerful self.  We ended up steaming him several times by running hot water in the bathroom, filling the room with steam, then putting his Moses Basket in there for a nap.  The steam helped him breathe easier and he slept.

Curly, who spent the week in pajamas while her brothers were sick, was pleased to get dressed and have me do her hair in anticipation for Homeschool Co-op on Friday. She is over her cold except for the occasional cough.

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  1. Daddy looks tired too! (I'm sure you both are.)
    Curly's hair looks SO nice!