Wednesday, February 24, 2010


oneIf, one rainy Wednesday afternoon, you're sitting on the couch working on your computer and holding a squirmy baby who will fuss if you put him down, thus waking the other napping kids, and if, as you're holding him wondering how in the world you can get your work done without a) putting him down or b) having him knock the computer off onto the floor or c) getting spit-up all over the computer...

twoIf you open a handy little program called Windows Media Player and start whatever it recommends, in this case soft Jazz, it will not only play the pleasing music, but it will display an ever-changing psychedelic configuration of lines, blobs, colors and stars that will effective mesmerize said baby into sitting perfectly still, watching in amazement.


Thus you can finish whatever it was you were working on, in my case a Braille transcribing assignment, in peace and tranquility. Bonus: elevator Jazz. Add a cup of coffee and both you and Baby might think you're in heaven. Or at least in some drug-induced euphoria. Windows Media Player. Great Stuff.


  1. Never thought of that! Great idea! Now my little one just wants to sit and play on the computer himself. Forget about letting me work on it. ;)

  2. That's great, if you can stand jazz! It makes me crazy! Of course, I love hard rock which probably makes you crazy, so to each her own.