Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't usually observe Lent but this year I feel like it's time to do something to shake up my daily routine and be a better mom. Whether it will result in penitence and getting closer to God remains to be seen!

So I am going to observe Lent this year by cutting out non-work-related computer activities... Facebook, forums, reading blogs, chatting, most IMs. I'll still check my email and be on the computer for work, and I'll still post kid-pictures here for the family, but probably not every day.

As a SAHM I use the internet to get my fix of social time and connect with other adults in a week when I may get out of the house once or less. This is going to be rough. But I feel strongly that it's what God wants me to do to get my focus back on servanthood and not on my own desires or how lonely I am. I'd appreciate your prayers; personal growth is never easy.

My plan is to stop my habit of shooing the kids away until I am finished reading this or that, or asking them to wait until I'm finished chatting with so-and-so. It's hard to admit it, but I have been pretty selfish with my time, taking care of them reluctantly then hurrying back to my laptop. No more! I'll do my work only when they are asleep or with Hubby; that is my goal.

Speaking of that, Baby Bear is starting to squeak. Time to go!


  1. That's awesome. Lent is a great time to practice self-discipline, both spiritual and bodily ... without pushing ourselves too hard. If a good habit ticks, it sticks. If not, there's always next year :)

    I gave up arguing my way with hubby. (We're rennovating). So far, well, it's been rough LOL.

    I also gave up chocolate. I don't know which is worse!

    I do notice that my prayerful spirit seems to have returned with Ash Wed. and Lent, etc, etc... which is so nice. Sometimes it gets pretty dry.

    I think I read somewhere that the practice of lent steemed from Jesus' 40 days of fasting in the desert. I'm not sure if that's correct. Beautiful if it is though, don't you think?

    My prayers are with you!

  2. Hey, I'm working on the same thing. Not for lent, but just because. My time online is not more important then my kids. I also have been selfish with my time.