Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Learning

Lately the goombas have been learning about so many things! I have to admit that Hubby gets most of the credit for these activities; he has initiated not only book-buying and reading, violin practicing (in which Curly is crab-walking up to fourth finger!) but also some fun, hands-on, playful, creative learning.


Baking cookies results in yumminess as well as discussion on measuring, halves and fourths, ingredients and sources, along with good old-fashioned sharing and taking turns.


As a delicious alternative to letter flashcards, Curly and a friend spelled words with her alphabet cookies, provided by Papa, my Dad. Back when he taught me to read I don't remember such delightful ways of practicing spelling!


This morning while Baby Bear and I visited the Pediatrician for his four-month checkup, Hubby and the kids shopped out local building supply store for the perfect pet rocks. Once found they brought them home and spent the morning gleefully painting them. Of course since Curly is learning about bugs in her Homeschool Co-op class they mostly became different kinds of bugs. In this one simple activity the kids learned not only about finding materials and purchasing, but also about color mixing, painting and about the anatomy of several species of insect.

Who says school has to be boring?


  1. That is totally cool. Love those Alphabet cookies!

  2. Very cool! Do you know where your dad found those Alphabet cookies?

  3. The box said they were a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. You might try down there in the Valley. The kids said they tasted really good.