Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brushing Ritual

I have never cut the back of Curly's hair. Once in a while I trim her bangs, but that's it. We both love her long, soft, curly hair.


Those curls come with a price, however. If I was one of those moms who paints her girl's room purple, uses glitter nail polish and does her sweet darling's hair in fluffy bows each day, Curly's hair would probably stay manageable.


As it is I am the sort of mother who spends all her spare time painting a mural on the bathroom wall and wakes up the fact that her daughter's hair hasn't seen a hairbrush for a week. She doesn't care. I don't actually care either. I kind of like her wild crazy hair look.

But when it comes time to brush it, her hair has been slept into an unbelievable tangled, twisted pile of rats' nests. If I let it go much longer, it would form dreadlocks.


Then we hold the Brushing Ritual. I anoint the dreadlocks with gallons of no-more-tangle-spray. At this point Little Mister insists on having his hair sprayed and brushed too. So I take a hiatus and spray his little-boy locks, so short they don't even move when brushed.


Back to Curly. While she sits patiently for upwards of 20 minutes, I start at the bottom and carefully work out each knot, massaging the conditioning spray into the tangled locks. I hold the hair in my fist so I don't pull against her head and brush and brush and brush.


At last when her hair is smooth and shiny and the brush travels through the silky strands with no hesitation, it's time for lunch. I always ask her if it's worth brushing to keep her long hair. Every time she answers that she loves her hair and it's worth it. I agree. I love her long hair.

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  1. Oh my goodness...what gorgeous hair she has! I am sure that is quite the ritual, but quite worth it for those locks!