Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bathroom Facelift: Finished!!!

I have blogged about several aspects of renovating our bathroom. At last we're done and I can show you the "after" pictures.

To remember what it looked like before I began, here is the "before" post. The main problems were the holes in the walls where the plaster was falling off the lath, the rusty vent cover, the discolored white walls and the outdated light fixtures.


I went with a light blue-gray for the walls and light fixtures with some character, chosen to look like the lanterns on a wharf or a lighthouse.


I replaced the old picture on the wall with an equally old cabinet that matches the 1920's style built-ins. Also, though I did not photograph it, I replaced the rusted vent cover with a new, white one.


As previously pictured, I painted a mural on the wall under the window and fixed all of the holes in the plaster. I also decided to replace the cheapy, plastic towel rods with quality metal ones in a nice, dark contrasting color.


I installed a hook for the kids' towels at a nice, reachable level. Combined with the longer pull-chains on the lights makes the entire room accessible to the kids.

Budget for the project: $150
Total amount spent: about $200. Not bad, considering I bought the antique cabinet, had to replace a quart of paint with the correct color and did not use a mini paint roller I bought (but lost the receipt!) I did save quite a bit by getting the entire towel rod set on clearance for half-price and was also able to paint the whole room in two coats with only one quart of paint.

Hubby commented dryly, "Now the bathroom won't be the armpit of the house. Nice work, Honeybear."

That just about sums it up.


  1. Nice job! Can't figure out how you manage to paint a mural on the walls with three kids! Wow. We're redoing our entire basement. If that bathroom of yours was the armpit of the house, I don't know what our basment loo was ... Children wouldn't enter it, put it that way. Now there is fresh blue tile, crisp white shower and toilet and we are just waiting on our sink vanity to seal the deal. Waiting seems to be the name of the game :-P

  2. Well, it was the armpit of the FINISHED part of the house! Our basement bathroom is much scarier and the kids won't use it either. But we're not to the stage yet where we deal with that one!

    Yours sounds lovely. It sure is all about waiting, but I always figure movement in the right direction, no matter how slow, will eventually get done.

  3. Superb! You're pretty good at this!