Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Van Gogh, You've Got Company.

Hubby has a thing for self-portraiture. Since the camera is usually lying around within easy arm's reach he's discovered the fun of setting up still-lifes, taking quick candids of the kids and best of all snapping photos of himself in whatever goofy pose takes his fancy at the time.


He usually does this when I am not looking.


They often show some level of artistic inspiration, playing with light and shadow, exploring surfaces like glass.


This was one of the first ones in my photo files. I have seen something of an evolution. Also this is the only one of him smiling. He has something about smiling in pictures.


It must be something about looking tough.


Or maybe he's going for the mugshot look. Or maybe he wants pity because he looks so tired. (This one was right after Baby Bear came and we were both shot.)

Poor Honey, you look tired.

No, I don't. I look tough. Virile.



He's the artist. The scholar. The Warrior-poet.


Things like this just appear there in my photo files. Like magic. There they are.


And every time I see one I fall in love all over again.


All I can say is, don't mess with a man and his self-portraits.


  1. Your husband is a wonderfully unique and creative guy!

    We mentioned lunch a long while ago. I don't really get a lunch being in the classroom and all but I could do something after 3:45 any day except Wednesday. What does your life look like?

  2. Ann, I agree... he is so funny and nice. He loved this post too. :)

    You could come over after class at 3:45 on Tuesdays or Thursday. I can't leave because of nap-time but you can come over and hang out for a while. My phone # is on Facebook if you want to give me a call one of these days!

  3. lol, this totally reminds me of my brother. I can't tell you how many times I developed a roll of film (before the digital days, to find a close up mug shot he had taken of himself. ha!