Friday, January 22, 2010


I would say we hold Baby Bear about 90% of the time he is awake. I tend to subscribe to the parenting philosophy that babies need tons of physical contact, attachment, bonding, snuggles and all that. So I bottlenurse, which means holding him in a nursing position if I am giving him a bottle. Even when he is not feeding, I still hold him, just because he loves to be held.

But I also have two other children, pets, a hubby, a work-from-home job and a freelance website building business. This means I am not only up and down a lot during the day, but I spend a lot of time on the computer.


The other day when Curly was snapping pictures, she got a few of me, doing what I often do, sitting on the couch with my laptop and Baby Bear. Typing one-handed has become second nature since I almost always have the other hand around the baby.


Every so often I simply have to take time out from my computer work to smooch and cuddle him. He's absolutely irresistible. Those fat cheeks. That baby giggle. Oh my. It's a wonder I get anything done at all!


The trouble with Curly's pictures is that she doesn't remind me to go brush my hair first or maybe put on some lipstick. So you get the real me. And I'll look back on pictures like this in years to come with nostalgia, remembering all the hours of snuggling my baby, soaking up every minute because they grow so fast.

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